soccer Practice Games: 125 games for technique, training, and tactics by Joe Luxbacher

Soccer is the king game in sport and it is played daily by 1.2 billion people. Soccer is no longer a game for men. Nowadays, many women are also interested in it. If you are a soccer fan, this book would definitely be interesting. Do not worry if you have no idea on how to play soccer. Simply refer to this book as it provides 125 games for to help you develop technique, skills and tatics in playing the game. As a beginner, you can start to learn from basics to advanced. If you are already playing soccer, you can also refer to this book and learn how to improve your soccer skills.

Basically, this book is divided into 6 main parts according to the different techniques: Part I – Warm up and Conditioning Games; Part II – Passing and Receiving Games; Part III – Dribbling, Shielding, and Tacking Games; Part IV – Heading and Shooting Games; Part V – Tactical Training Games; Part VI – Goalkeeper Training Games.

In addition, this book includes a section on “Planning Practice Sessions” for the serious learners.

So you love to play soccer? Then grab this book from the library today!!! 


Call number: GV943.9.T7 LUX 2003

Location: Library South


Written by Vo Ngoc Thien An


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