Microeconomics by R. Glenn Hubbard & Anthony Patrick O’Brien

Good news for Year 3 students taking the Diploma in business information system (DBIS). Microeconomics is a compulsory module for all Year 3 DBIS students, and it’s a good practice to plan and spend your time during the holidays to preview some module lessons to prepare for the upcoming semester. As a DBIS student, if you still have no ideas on where to start your preview study, especially on the business modules, I would suggest that you come down to RP library and find some good references. I have listed down three major points on why I am highly recommending this book title ‘Microeconomics’.

  1. In one of the opening pages, there is a ‘Flexibility Chart’ which has grouped all 18 chapters into three categories (three columns in the chart). These three categories are core, optional, and policy, so you can select the chapters that you wish to learn more by referring to this ‘Flexibility Chart’.
  2. These are the useful features that are covered in the 18 chapters:
    – A strong set of introductory chapters
    – Early coverage of policy issues
    – Complete coverage of monopolistic competition
    – Extensive, realistic game theory coverage
    – Unique coverage of pricing strategy
    – A chapter devoted to the economics of information
  3. Besides giving you organised and comprehensive theories of Microeconomics, this book aims to help you understand fully the business concepts by including many real-world examples and applications, graphs, making the connection features, inside look feature, and end-of chapter problems. With these sufficient learning approaches, not only will you firmly gain the fundamental knowledge of Microeconomics, but they will also allow you to gain real insights on how to apply business theories to real business cases.

Want to have a smooth start in the final year? Come to library and borrow this book. I hope you can plan well and do well on your preview study during the holidays.


Location: South

Call number: HB 172 HUB 2010

Written by Zhuang Jin Yi


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