As the title states this is a web developer’s guide, thus meant for developers of course. However it is not solely for developers.  The book starts with a very basic introduction as well as theories and concepts behind the language. The book goes into further depth and at a faster pace though and is suitable for those who has gone more than the average level of C# or developing in .NET framework. Besides that, a bit of experience in web development is also needed. If not, you will be lost amidst the codes.

For whom this book is suitable, you will find that this book gives you complete case studies with even source code and full explanations. So, you could try and code, following instructions from book and try to make sense of what is happening. If stuck, no worries, there is a companion CD for you to help you in overcoming the obstacles and understanding concepts or ways of doing things in web development. So, you will get to know with what would happen if you do this and that with the help of these case studies.

There are also hundreds of FAQs relating to Developing & Deploying, Migrating, and Debugging Sidebars, Security Alerts, and ASP .NET.  So, for any questions you may have or if you are getting confused, your question or doubt could possibly be answered in one of these FAQs.

To sum up, the book will equip you with the little bits and pieces you will need to develop a web application enriched with Web Services that are above the average level of web programming. You will get to try things that you have never imagined to be possible to try it earlier in your life as a web developer. Have fun creating rich web applications with the help of this book and grasp the most in-depth concepts about web development.


Location:         EAST

Call Number:   QA 76.76.M52 NET 2001

Written by:      SOE HTIKE


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