Slim Smoothies by Donna Pliner Rodnitzky

Most people, especially females, are unsatisfied with their body shape. Many try different methods to lose weight like starving themselves, taking slimming pills or some slimming course.  However, these methods may not be effective and have side effects.

You might ask: how it is possible to slim down healthily and still eat yummy food? The solution is in this book. With over 130 healthy and energizing smoothie recipes without calories, you won’t feel bored with a different flavour for every meal.

Can you trust the recipes? Of course, why not? This book states how the ingredients used are beneficial in helping one slim down. It also explains the contribution of each type of food in leading to a healthy and low calorie diet without the loss of essential nutrients. Smoothies consist of mainly fruits. One might wonder how to select the fruits from the market and to ensure their freshness when storing. Don’t worry! The book teaches us all these – from the buying to preparing and storing of the fruits as well as the quantities to purchase.

Other than that, the equipment required as well as some gentle reminders when making smoothies to ensure success is also found in the book. So, just try out by follow the steps closely. You will be impressed by your successful creations. I am sure you will also see results in a short period.


Having a healthy and ideal body may be the best thing you can achieve.


Location – North

Call number – TX 840.B5 ROD 2003

Prepared by Tan Wen Chien (Wendy)



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