Essentials of Economics by Mankiw

Are you interested in knowing about economy? Do you want to figure out how the country recovers from recession?  Would you like to know what the tools to measure economy are?  Do you like to think as an economist?  For those students who are taking Microeconomics and Macroeconomics modules, are you having difficulties in understanding the concepts of demand and supply? Would you like to have more real life examples to better understand about the concepts we learnt?

Here is a good book for you- “Essentials of Economics” by Mankiw.  This book is useful not only for students who are taking economics modules but also for those who want to know the basics of economics. From the book, I got to learn to know that once we start working, how much of our income we need to save, how much we have to spend and how much it will contribute to the economy. It also covers the types of economic policies implemented by the government.

For students who are taking microeconomics and macroeconomics modules, this book will be a good tool to help you better understands the concepts of economics. If you are having difficulties in understanding the topics such as the supply and demand of economy, the authors explained them by using graphs with detailed explanation and examples.  Moreover, you can revise for your UTs by trying out the exercise questions.  

I believe that after reading this book, you will be able to apply the knowledge in real life. Whether you are watching economics news or answering UT questions, you will be happy to know that this book called “Essentials of Economics” has covered most of them.  All the best!

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Call Number – HB 171.5 MAN 2009



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