Being Happy by Andrew Matthews

Do you know that you can be happy without having reason? Have you ever experienced that by learning a nature, you can be happy? Would you like to figure out that are you happy because you are healthy or are you healthy because you are happy? Are you eager to figure out what makes life happy? Do you think you are not happy or you can be happier? If your answers are “YES”, you can find out more by reading this book “Being Happy” written and illustrated by Andrew Matthews.

This book is a handbook for one to have greater confidence in oneself. After reading this book, you will understand more about yourself and you will know how to sort out your life to be happy.  In this book, the author illustrated the concepts of being happy with interesting pictures. The first chapter consists of how to build up a positive self-image, health and how to let it become part of us. In the second chapter, you will learn how to live in the present instead of worrying for the future. After reading the third chapter, you will learn to get what you expect and how to deal with your fear.

In addition, in the fourth chapter, you can explore more about your goals, limitations, problems and mistakes. You will know how to learn from nature by relaxing, exercising, keep moving and learning from children. The last chapter summarize all about being happy.

I think this book is really useful for us since it will guide us to be happy. I love reading this book and I learn new things from reading it again and again. I am sure it will be very useful for all of you so grab it NOW and Be Happy.

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