Head First Web Design by Ethan Watrall & Jeff Siarto

Nowadays, as a web developer, writing codes is apparently not good enough when building a website. In order to give users a more appealing and satisfying experience, you need to look into web design – which plays the same important role as web coding. To gain a better understanding on the whole process of creating/designing a great website, “Head First Web Design” is one of the best options for learning.

Now let me explain more about this book and you will find out how you can design a better website. This book has a total of 11 chapters, which is comprehensive and covers all the important aspects on web design that you need to know.

Chapters 1 & 2 is just the introduction, giving you an idea on the basics of web design and how to beautify web pages. The rest of the content, from chapter 3 to 10, covers every aspect of web design including web layout, colour, navigation, writing and accessibility.

Besides teaching you on how to design a website, chapter 11 provides you with information on “the business of web design”. This segment is all about the job prospect of a web designer, for instance, how much time you will spend and how much you will earn through designing one website.

Besides the content, I would recommend this book to any student/ web designers for another reason – the way that the content is presented. We are often tired of flipping through 300 to 500 pages in a textbook, reading paragraphs after paragraphs. However, in “Head First Web Design”, you will find lots of illustrations, pictures, tables and short paragraphs. The content is presented in a fresh and interactive manner, making learning easier and more fun.

If you are keen on web design and you have experience in HTML and CSS, come to library and borrow this book.

Location: North

Call number: TK5105.888 WAT 2009


Written by Zhuang Jin Yi


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