Contract Law by Ewan McKendrick

Are you taking the business law module? Are you interested in taking law courses? Have you signed a contract without noticing the terms and conditions involved in a contract? Are you having difficulties understanding the basic ideas of law? Would you like to know what are the basic principles of contract law? Or do you want to enhance your knowledge of contract law?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, here is a good book for you – “Contract Law” by Ewan McKendrick.  Ewan McKendrick is a professor of English Private Law at the University of Oxford and he is the author of a number of the articles on the concept of commercial law, contract law and tort law. His books are very useful not only for students taking a law degree but also for students who want to enhance their knowledge of the topic. In this book, he provides many examples of real life legal cases backed with good explanations. In addition, the detailed explanation in every chapter of the concept enhances the quality of this book.

This book is also very useful for students who are taking Business Law Module.  You will find out that chapters such as “Third Party Rights, Term and Conditions, Misrepresentation” are very relevant and practical to the syllabus. After reading this book, you will understand more about the topic that we studied in the class and it will help in reviewing your UT.

The concept of offer and acceptance is discussed in this book. After reading this chapter, you will understand that law is not only applied when we sign a contract, it is also practiced in the everyday, such as buying candy from the shop or eating at the restaurant.

I have enjoyed reading this book and I highly recommend all of you to grab this book. All the best!


Where to find it

Location: South

Call Number:  KD 1554 MAC 2000

Written by: Thein Htet Aung


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