My Favourite Felt Sweets by Mieko Baba

I guess most of us like sweet treats for breakfast or tea break. Sometimes, we crave for sweet stuff even though we know that eating too much of these foods is bad for our health.

Confectionaries are designed by bakeries to look so beautiful and eye catching that you can’t bear to eat them. Some people choose to take a photo as a memory but it that is only 2-dimensional. Have you ever thought of making them to be as real as possible yet long lasting?

The solution is presented in this book. It teaches the reader how to make cute sponge cakes, chocolate, cup cakes and others by using simple tools like felt, thread and needles as well as common stitching materials. From basic measuring and cutting techniques to completion, this book guides readers step by step.

Various types of pastry no matter western or traditional Japanese style are included in this book. Each step is accompanied by a diagram to enable beginners to learn easily.

After mastering the skills required, you can even hand-make your friend’s favourite confectionary and give it to him/her as a birthday present. I am sure they will feel very happy upon receiving it. So, isn’t it a good idea to come RP library to borrow this book and get started?


Call number: TT 849.5 MY 2008

Written by: Tan Wen Chien (Wendy)


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