Wireless Communications: Principles and Practice by Theodore S. Rappaport

About the book

Do you think wireless systems are a necessary part of our daily life? Did you find yourself wanting to know more about Mobile communications after taking the E311 module in SEG? If so, this book might be interesting to you.

This is the second edition of the book written by Theodore S. Rappaport and it’s designed for the student or practicing engineer who is already familiar with technical concepts such as probability, communication theory, and basic electromagnetics. The book uses a more direct and systematic way to explain the principles we learnt in the class, and is very useful and efficient in helping us strengthen our learning while accommodating a wide range of backgrounds.

If furthering our studies or when stepping into the working world, this approach makes it possible to use this book as a handbook or as a useful teaching tool in the classroom setting.

Topics covered include: Modulation Techniques for Mobile Ratio, introduction to speech coding etc.    

Come to our library to borrow this book if you want to be equipped with better knowledge of communication systems.



Location of this book:

Call Number:  TK5103.2 RAP 2002

Location:     North

Written by: CHEN CHENG


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