Biomaterials Science: An Introduction to Materials in Medicine 2nd Edition

As UTs are here or around the corner, it’s time to study and work hard to score good grades in your UTs. If you are a Materials Science student who is taking A345 Biomaterials module, this book could be useful reference. It includes most of the concepts in the module with good self-explanatory diagrams. You will get to know more on general materials properties and different classes of materials that are widely used in biomaterials field and applications of biomaterials.  After understanding on the properties of materials, you would then be introduced to the different types of materials which are commonly used in biomaterials application and the reasons behind it.

Studies of the host reactions to the biomaterials are also covered. This is to allow readers to understand the suitability of the biomaterials as well as how we can modify it to reduce the side effects of the biomaterials implanted in our body. All the essential learning concepts in biomaterials studies are well covered in this book.

On top of that, won’t you find it boring to read a book of hundreds pages without any diagrams? I like to refer to this book as there are diagrams and coloured illustrations to aid our understanding.  Concepts are clearly presented in mind maps and diagrams. Humans are visual individuals so all these helped in my understanding of the topics.

This book is also recommended by our module’s facilitators. If you have not purchased this book, why not borrow it from the library for your reference? Enjoy studying and good luck to all your coming UTs~~


Where to find it

Location: West

Call Number:  857.M3 BIO 2004

Written by Lee Cheng Shu


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