The Karate Kid (Movie Review)

Director: Harald Zwart

Writers: Christopher Murphey (screenplay), Robert Mark Kamen (story)

Stars: Jakie Chan, Jaden Smith and Taraji P. Henson


In the movie, Dre (Jaden Smith) and his mom (Taraji P. Henson) leave Detroit (California) for a better job in Beijing. Being in a foreign country for the first time, Dre faces a lot of challenges and difficulties in adapting with the culture, language and people of China. Dre often has tussles with the local thugs due to him being the new kid on the block. Feeling isolated and tired of the fights, Dre wants to go back to his hometown California. But he was passionate about Kung Fu and this passion kept him going on in China as he wanted to learn more.

During one of the fights, Dre is rescued by his apartment building’s handy man, Han (Jakie Chan). Han promises to teach him the real Kung Fu and let him participate in the China Kung fun Competition. Dre’s real journey into the world of Kung Fu starts from here.

The strong message that this movie carries is the positive attitude to life, and how one can achieve success through determination and true beliefs. Life may knock us down but the decision lies in our hand to be happy or not. The movie also portrays the beautiful friendship between two people with huge cultural differences. Do pick this movie up for a taste of some slick Jackie Chan action moves and the important values of life.


Call number: DVD PN1997 KAR 2010

Location: South

Written by Helen


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