A Mouse Called Wolf by Dick King-Smith

This is an interesting and heart-warming short story of a mouse being a companion of a Pianist. It narrates a lovely relationship between a woman and a mouse.

There was a mouse called “Wolfgang Amadeus”, who was the youngest child amongst his siblings. In fact, his name was utterly different from his siblings since he was born only as half big as his brothers and sisters. He had been laughed and mocked by his brothers and sisters because of his name. All of them called “Wolf” to such a poor little youngest mouse in the family.

There was a lady called Mrs. Honeybee who lived alone. She used to be a pianist performer when she was young and played piano twice a day every day. A rare opportunity led Wolf to know Mrs Honeybee and he became her singing companion in return for his favorite food, chocolates. . Time passed. Wolf began to love to sing for Mrs Honeybee even without being rewarded with his prize (chocolates).  

This went on for a long time until Mrs Honeybee met with an accident one day. What is going to happen to her and Wolf? If you wonder how the ending of the story is, the book is waiting for you to pick it up in the RP’s library. After reading the book, I hope you will be left with appreciation of the values of simple love and gratitude.


Location: central (choice read)

Call Number: Z KIN

Written by: Khin Nyein Kyaw Lin


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