10 Powerful ideas for improving patient care by James L. Reinertsen and Wim Schellekens

Have you ever been to a hospital? Do you know how the patient care system works in a hospital? There are so many patients going in and out of the hospital everyday, so how does the healthcare system work to minimise errors and save time for everyone? To find out more about the patient care system, come down to the library and borrow this book. You will be able to learn 10 powerful yet simple ideas on improving the patient care system. In addition, find out how complex processes can be simplified so that more time can be spent on improving patient care services.

I recommend this book to all of you as I feel that the ideas presented in this book are practical and reliable as the authors have included real patients directly in the process of redesigning patient care systems. The concepts are not difficult to comprehend and the authors clearly state the importance of each idea and how they can be implemented in any healthcare organisation.


Call number: RA 399.A1 REI 2005

Location: West

Prepared by Tan Wen Chien(Wendy)


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