Basics of Acupuncture by Stux, Berman, Pomeranz

Anyone interested in acupuncture? Here is a book for you. If you totally have no idea about it, you are missing on one great technique in improving your health. Get this book in RP library and find out more.

Acupuncture is the only technique developed from traditional Chinese medicine that has been approved by modern medicine principles. Also, it is the only traditional Chinese medical practice used in Singapore hospitals and clinics. Well, the author had even included theories for the whole traditional Chinese medicine in the book.

Do not worry about terminologies that might appear strange to you as there are plenty of pictures for you to refer to. Fed up with theories? Dozens of practical treatments are listed in this book as examples. There are also evidences that prove acupuncture to be a scientific medical method. Reading this book is fun and you can get more out of it.


Call number: RM 184 STU 2003

Location: West

Written by Wang Chao


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