Myanmar (Burma) by Robert Reid & Michael Grosberg

Have you been to one of the largest and most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia which is also known as the golden land? If you are interested in Asian culture or the country Myanmar, I would like to recommend this book to you which will tell you not only the culture but also the history, environment, belief, traditional food and drink, famous cities and ceremonies of Myanmar. It is published by Lonely Planet organization and written by their two famous authors Robert Reid and Michael Grosberg. The authors are independent and dedicated travellers and they travel widely to destinations where popular activities held by the natives could be experienced. They visited thousands of places and they take pride in getting all the details right and telling them as they are. That is why they claim that this is the book that can give the best travel information in the world.

Firstly, it stated extensively on why you should or should not go, followed by the things that you should adhere to or avoid if you are going there. It also provided a section for the words which are commonly used in Myanmar language together with their meanings and pronunciations. Plus, it also pointed out the famous places along with maps for each city starting from Yangon, which was the capital and also the major city for foreign business, followed by Manday, the second famous city in central Myanmar, and so on. Moreover, it also mentioned Myanmar’s 100-plus ethic groups and interesting places like Shwedagon Pagoda (the iconic status of Yangon), the Inle lake where boat drivers use their feet to steer their vehicles and the ancient city  Bagan with its over 3000 temples.

Myanmar’s isolation and pride allowed it to maintain its traditions which is a delightful experience for tourists. Even before leaving the airport, you could see men wearing traditional skirtlike longyis and women’s faces dolloped with tan-coloured thanakha (make-up/sun block made from powered wood). You may want to find out more! Do come to our library and check it out!!


Call number: DS527.7 REI 2005

Location: South

Written by Hunny Ye


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