Mac OS X all-in-one desk reference for Dummies by Mark L. Chambers

About the book:

Being an RP student, you must be familiar with Windows, especially Windows 7 since that’s the default Operation System (OS) used in RP.  For IT students, especially students from diplomas such as Digital and Interactive Media, being familiar with different OS would definitely stand you in good stead, and the Mac OS might be a useful OS to be familiar with.  The Mac OS X is perfect if you are a professional designer because it supports products from Apple very well in terms of designing, video, audio, animation, etc… which Windows cannot handle as well. That’s the reason why this book would be great in fulfilling your needs in design.

This book is the perfect introduction to Mac OS. It suits everyone, from those who know nothing about Mac OS – someone who has never seen, touched or tried using it, to those who’re used to it. The book can be confusing sometimes but only because it is written in a very detailed and specific way, and this guides you step by step in the smallest manipulation. This book helps you understand that some manipulations have the same function and meaning as Windows. Thus, if you are already used to Windows it won’t take too much effort when you try the Mac OS. This book will teach you how to get used to the desktop, appearance, skin and all the buttons of the OS. It also teaches you how to open, close a program; how to shut down the PC; install, uninstall a program and external hardware; how to use a new program; cut/copy/paste, customize and share folders and files; customize the OS; set up an Internet connection or a local network; manage the user account and maintain the good performance of the system as well. These steps are similar to what you find in Windows, and should not take much time understanding. 

What would require more time grasping are the differences between Mac OS and Windows.  You will learn how to use the software installed with the OS itself. They are: the Digital Hub including iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD; some of the Internet stuff such as Apple Mail, Safari, iChat, iDisk, Apple Talk; the unique sharing technology from Apple such as AirPort, Wireless Printing, etc… You will also have a chance learn a little of LINUX, another OS, which would be very useful if you want to research further into Apple’s products. It’s also referred to as Advance Mac OS – meant for those who’re skilful with the Mac and want more.

Learn a new interesting OS in a new different way!


Location of the book:

–          Call number: QA 76.76.O63 CHA 2003

–          Location: East



Written by Alex (Le Duc Anh)


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