Principles of Marketing by Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong

To be successful,  any organisation, companies or even the self employed have to understand and know how to encounter problems which may happen at any part of the business such as finance, accounting and especially in marketing. 

“Principles of Marketing” is one of the most comprehensive book that covers marketing in all perspectives. It can serve as a compass to those who wish to know more about how marketing works. Readers will get to know about customer profiling and how to use marketing tactics to improve the quality of product and services. Theories and concepts are introduced and approached by real case discussion from different companies. At the end of each chapter, the lesson objectives are touched on a more hands on level where readers will need to discuss and generate solutions for case studies.

This is a good book for those who wish to know more about marketing as well as to learn how to apply the concepts learned. Do come to the library to pick it up now!


Call number: HF5415 KOT 2010

Location: South

Written by Vo Ngoc Duy An


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