Starting Photography by Michael Langford

For complete beginners who are interested in photography, I believe that this book will be an excellence choice to begin with. The book starts with an explanation of fundamental knowledge (e.g. Picture composition, camera principles) and follows up with different levels of application skills, different skills used in compact camera shooting to film processing and even professional studio shooting.

It is a practical, inspiring and authoritative guide for complete beginners who possess a compact or DSLR camera. Even experienced photographers might pick up something useful out of this well-established work. The book is written in a simple manner such that a reader like me can feel at ease learning by reading. Besides that, it is illustrated in colour to provide a direct visual approach since it relates to the principles of photography.  The aesthetically taken pictures inspires one to achieve similar results.

At the end of every single chapter, there is a “Tips & Reminders” section that focuses the reader’s attention and reinforce the highlighted ideas. The ideas are definitely useful for us to pick up on and these crucial learning points have been thoughtfully sifted from a whole chunk of detailed descriptions.The amount of content is adequate and sufficient for beginners to start up his/her photography journey without having them to carry around a heavy encyclopaedia to help them.

In my opinion, the book contains just the right amount of information – it helps focus the reader’s attention on important bits of information while providing extras for those who might want find out more details.  For people who have an interest and passion in photography, this will be a friendly and exciting book to start with. 


Where to find the book?

Call number: TR149 LAN 1999

Location: North

Written by Gan Hong Wee


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