Foundation Maths (fifth edition) by Anthony Croft and Robert Davison

Do you find Math classes difficult for you? Are you a non-specialist for Maths but want to embark upon a Foundation Degree with mathematical content? If your answer is “Yes” then this book is ideally suited for you!  The objectives are stated VERY clearly at the beginning of each chapter. There are highlighted key points and formulas to help you to engage in self-study or distance learning. There are also self assessment questions and exercises provided at the end of most sections and to help you develop competence and understanding through practice.

Important topics covered are arithmetic, functions, trigonometry, vectors, matrices, statistics, probability and calculus. The best strategy for those using the book would be to read through each section, carefully studying all of the worked examples and solutions. And BEAR in mind that the concepts in one chapter are linked to those in another.

Find your way to grab this useful book, Foundation Maths (fifth edition) by Anthony Croft and Robert Davison to help you establish your confidence in mathematics. So, what are you waiting for???


Location: East

Call number: QA 37.3 CRO 2010

Written by: Than Yaw Zin


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