PHP for Absolute Beginners by Jason Lengstorf

If you are an SIT student and currently taking the module on web application, or even if you just have an interest in PHP programming, this is probably one of the best book to pick up as your PHP learning guide. Contrary to a typical PHP book that contains hundreds of pages of programming history and theories, this book will guide you to build something which is practical, such as blogging application. Does it sound interesting for you to apply the knowledge learnt from this book to your personal blog? 

As the book title, ‘For absolute beginner’, suggests, it contains information about the very basic PHP elements, so you don’t need to be afraid that it would be difficult to PHP your blog. Moreover, the style of this book is just like a teacher conducting a one-to-one lesson, so you won’t get bored reading it. As long as you have the interest and determination to try out PHP codes from this book, you would be satisfied of what you could create, so start learning PHP with this book now!


¯        Where to find this book: QA76.73.P224 LEN 2009 (located in east area of library)

¯        Written by: Zhuang Jin Yi


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