New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Have you ever been fascinated by the thought of living in a small town with mysterious vampires and werewolves? Or fall in love with a breathtakingly handsome vampire and be best friend with a strong and cheerful werewolf?  

New Moon is the second book from the dark fantasy romance Twilight series. This book captures the darkest part of Bella’s teenage life. Deserted by her true love, Edward Cullen the vampire, Bella was depressed and broken hearted.  At the same time, Edward heard the rumours of Bella committing suicide and tried to end his life as well. This provoked the most powerful vampire family-Volturi. To stop Edward, Bella had to pass through a series of dangerous adventures.    

As the story goes on, Bella was also caught in a perilous situation where she had to become a vampire and how this will result in an impending bloodshed battle between the werewolves and the vampires.

This book, with its strong narrative on Bella adventures and her intertwining fate with the werewolf and the vampire, will keep your eyes glued to the pages that you are reading until you have finished it.


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Written by Julia


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