HIRE ME, INC. by Roy J. Blitzer

Resumes and Cover Letters

Here’s the secret to getting your foot in the door of the job of your dreams! Market yourself with your resume and cover letter using the same methods a CEO uses to sell his products.

A comprehensive how-to-plan for building your resume (and accompanying cover letter) is covered in the book.  This is perhaps the most important marketing tool to your career search and job satisfaction. Your resume is often the first means hiring managers have to judge you. It alone doesn’t get you the job, of course. The main goal of a powerful resume is to get you an interview and/or to move you forward in the job search process.

By seeing your resume as the key ingredient of your promotion plan which can help you distinguish yourself from the crowd, Career expert Roy J. Blitzer shows you how to use these tools (resumes) to stand out as a top candidate that any organization will jump to hire.

Blitzer reveals why standard templates resume aren’t enough. Instead, he shows you how to focus on measurable results and accomplishments to prove your worth and outshine your competition.

This book also includes valuable sample resumes, a list of the top action words, exercises and fill-in-the-blank worksheet which will help you craft a resume that’s gets you noticed and HIRED!!

This book might be the ‘kickoff’ point to your career in future. Do come and checkout this book from Library.


Location: South

Call Number: HF 5383 BLI 2007

Written by Anson


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