Movie Speak – How to talk like you belong on a film set

Life on screen is not the same as the real world we live in. As we all know “life is not as easy as it is in movies”. That’s for sure! BUT the life behind the screen can even be harder than our real world. Why is that so? This is because what we see on the screen is result of hard work – the perfect one – the final masterpiece.

Looking through the history of movie making and filming…

All the dreaded moments are now over since digital cameras come into use. In the past, performers had to rehearse repeatedly to avoid making any mistake. Even with just one minor mistake recorded on film, there was no turning back!

Filming is not the only difficulty in making a movie, what really matters is the spirit. The way the crew members communicate with each other will show one’s character. For example, why do directors always use the word “ACTION”? Is it not good enough to just nod or say “OK”? No wonder it is said the artistes use a secret language which is technical, odd, colourful and mysterious.

Find out more about the history and the mystery of movie making in MOVIE SPEAK by TONY BILL.


Call number: PN1993.45 BIL 2008

Location: East




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