Teen Ink What Matters Edited by Stephanie Meyer, John Meyer, Peggy Veljkovic

Are you interested to find out how teenagers feel about matters including family, life, world, challenges and heroes? If your answer is “yes”, then you should read this book to find out more about the thoughts and feelings of teenagers from all around the world.

This is the fifth book in the “Teen Ink” series, and all the stories and images were selected from over 88,000 submissions that were originally sent to the ‘Laws of Life’ Essay Contest. Young people from all parts of the world contributed their insights and wisdom on this adventure we call life.

There are a total of nine “teenagers’ matters” in this book and they are What Matters, Challenging Matters, Family Matters, World Matters, Life Matters, I Matter, Heroes Matter, Younger Matters, and Moments Matter. In each, youths share their experiences and life stories. You could read through each story without getting bored. You would want to read one after another as each story is not too long and could get you to think about what matters most to you.

Moreover, if you are interested in submitting your writing, art and photos for the next Teen Ink book, you can find out about “Laws of Life” Essay Contest and how to start your own Laws of Life Essay Contest.

Written by teens and edited by Stephanie Meyer, John Meyer, and Peggy Veljkovic, this “Teen Ink What Matters” can help you to gain a better understanding of young people and hear the true voices from their hearts.


Location: East

Call number: PZ 5 TEE 2003

Written by Han Thi Htun


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