Organizational Behavior (Second Edition) by McGraw-Hill

Are you taking G105, Enterprising skills module and would like to have a book as reference instead of relying on the website? This is just the book for you.

Besides being recommended by our facilitators, I have found that some parts of this book are rather coherent to our curriculum in school, with some pages being used as pre-class reading for our daily problem statements. In G105 module, you will be need to learn about individual’s behavior, personality and values, power and influence in the workplace, conflict management and leadership in organizations, organizational structures, culture and how they change. All these are covered in this book.  This book explains quite clearly the rules of an organization and will leaves you with a vivid impression. 

I remember our facilitator recommended us to buy and read through it but unfortunately it was already out of stock. However, this book will be available at our library, so do come and take a look.


Location: South

Call number:   R HD58.7 MAC 2009

Written by Susan Bo Bo


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