Weighing in : nutrition and weight management by Lesli J. Favor & Elizabeth Massie

If you are a girl worrying about being overweight or that boys might care about your figure, this book may help you. If you are preparing to go on a diet, to lose some weight, this book might help you as well. Most importantly, if you want to get a HEALTHY LIFE, this book can definitely help pave your way.

Weighing in nutrition and weight management will provide you with some basic knowledge on how to build a healthy life.  Questions like: “Why you need to manage your weight?”, “What weight is appropriate for your body?”, “How to make a healthy meal?”, “How to have a healthy weight?”, “How to go on a diet?” and so on are answered  in this book.

Furthermore, this book is a good read if you are studying in School of Sports, Health and Leisure. By using this book as your reference, you can improve your grades and obtain knowledge for your job in future.

In conclusion, no matter who you are, this book can benefit you. Since Health is our most valuable asset, improve it now!


Where to find: Library West

Call number: RQRM222.2FAV2008

Written by Dinh Trong Duy


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