Eco design : the sourcebook (Revised Edition) – edited by Alastair Fuad-Luke

Eco Design has 570 detailed product listings, 850 color illustrations on the ecologically friendly designer products from various country. The book gives you an idea of how you choose your furniture if you wish to have a eco-friendly house.

Basically the concept of the book is to promote the idea of Eco Design which means designing products using eco-friendly materials (eg, packaging waste, renewable material, etc). These sustainable products have remained trendy and stylish. When the consumer would like a change, the products can be recycled.

Besides adhering to the green concept, the designers are also concern about consumers’ health – whether the design of the furniture will affect or benefit the consumer, e.g. whether a chair can support the individual’s back and improves blood circulation.

Apart from that, the book also highlights the latest eco-friendly gadgets and vehicles. All these are an eye-opener for people who might not be very aware of global warming and the 3 Rs (recycle, retain and reuse).

The book is a good guide to the understanding and choosing of eco-friendly products.  And for the people who aren’t aware of the green movement , this book will definitely be an eye-opener for them.   


Call number: TS171.4 FUA 2006
Location: North

Written by Chain Yean Shan


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