Cell Biology 6th Edition by Gerald Karp

This book provided me with a lot of information about cells. 

I would recommend this book to science students, because this book has very detailed information about cells.

I was motivated to read this book as the explanation is very clear. The writer (Gerald Karp) has made use of colorful  graphics to make the book more attractive and easier to understand.

This book also provides analytic questions and references. What I most appreciated is the glossary of the book. The glossary is divided by chapter, making it easier to find out meanings of words if there are any specific words that I do not know the meaning of yet.

You may wonder what the content of “Cell Biology” is. There are total of 18 chapters about cell to read.  Here are some chapters of this book:

  • Introduction to cells
  • The structure and functions of biological molecules
  • Bioenergetics, enzymes and metabolism
  • Genes, chromosomes and genomes
  • Cellular organelles
  • Cancer
  • Immunity
  • Methods in Cell Biology

Feel free to read this book in our library.


Where to find the book?
Call number: QH581.2 KAR 2010
Location: West

Written by Lisa


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