Rich Dad Poor Dad by Sharon L. Lechter C.P.A.

Do you ever worry about your future? Do you ever wonder the path you chosen isn’t the right one? If your answer to the above questions is yes, you may want to read this recommended title over and over again.  It may seem that all of us now are working hard towards the same goal- get a Diploma, move on to Degree and ultimately settle down with a high pay job with. Yes this may be what all of us are dreaming of. Can we make this dream happen? How?

Read this book on the sharing experiences from Robert T. Kiyosaki on getting rich! Robert Kiyosaki is an American who is brought up and educated in Hawaii. He has achieved his financial freedom at the age of 47 and is able to support his whole family without having any financial problem. Why is this so?


Since young, Robert has been influenced by his father, someone who, with a primary school qualification, moves on to become the richest man in Hawaii. From his dad, Robert learns about things that were not taught in school. He builds up on his financial IQ and knowledge on how to generate money.

In this book, Robert shares with us what he has learnt. He defines what money means and the different tactics that Robert has used in his investment portfolio. Cash flow is emphasised in this book. Think about this: If the pay from your current job cannot satisfy you, what will you do? Cut all the expenses and save up or you will want to use some of your wages to generate more income? Of course the later one sounds much pleasant and Robert will show you how in this book.

 In addition, the book also mentioned about the advantages of setting up our own businesses, how we can reduce taxes imposed on an individual with a company and generating extra income by letting the business stocks to be listed in the market.

So up until here, are you interested to get richer by knowing all these financial knowledge? If you do, do check out Rich Dad Poor Dad titles in the library!  


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Written by Lim Yong Xin


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