(Documentary) Through the Lens – Incredible stories behind the best adventure Photographs [Produced by: National Geographic]

Documentary Review

The film had brought me through an innovative view about how professional photographers carry out their passions while contributing to our world; by delivering important messages through precious images.

Most of them had risked their life for their passion. One could get a feel of their perseverance and dedication through the rare photographs taken. In the process to get these pictures, their endurance were tested against the most brutal conditions. Some of the encounters that were shown include swimming with sharks, encountering dead bodies while conquering the killer height of Mt Everest and taking photographs of molten volcanoes in dangerously close proximity. I felt that these photographers really deserved our respect as they risked their life to capture the world’s miracles and shared these through their dedicated lens.

Do check out this title now to see the stories behind the pictures.


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