Need a little bit of inspiration? Here’s a movie that might not be a new one (2006) but a movie that will always bring you laughter, fun, and heart-warming inspiration!

In this film, 7-year old Olive is travelling with her family of 6 to California to compete in the “Little Miss Sunshine” beauty contest. 

During the journey, the car was spoilt while they are half- way to their destination. Grandpa passed away. Dad was striving to sell some motivational success program with little success and brother was suffering from depression. There were a lot of obstacles that the family faced along the way, but were overcome with the strong and encouraging support from one another in the family. The director had, cleverly, injected some hilarious moments in what was seemed to be sad for some scenes.

This film strongly illustrated the power of kinship and the strength of family support Despite the many failures that Olive and her family went through, everyone stayed strong and moved on ahead.  After watching the film, I feel like I am in a new life, ready to rock and strive again for the future, just like sunshine upon me. J

Location:         SOUTH

Call Number:   DVD PN 1997 LIT 2006

Written by:      SOE HTIKE


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