Decoding Design by Maggie Macnab

If you like art work and want to know more about using symbols as your design tools, this will be the book that you want to read. This book is highly recommended to students who study in the art and design field.

In this book, you will read on what a designer should know about patterns and how natural patterns can be used for designs and their symbolic meanings.

There are also learning examples on big company logos such as StarBucks logo and Sun Microsystem logo. From these examples, you will know the process of how a logo is designed, from its draft to the final design. Of course, you will also learn and get to know the meaning behind those logos.

To conclude, this book is a very good choice for students who want to learn and know more about symbol design. This book will bring you to the world of design and the world of symbols.


Where to find:

RP Library – East

Call Number: NC 1002.L63 MAC 2008


Written by Che Yan Ru


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