The 7 habits of highly effective teens : the ultimate teenage success guide by Sean Covey

Being a teenager, we like to challenge our life and follow our heart and soul. We also want to improve our self-image, build good relationships and achieve our “big dream”. However, are there times when you feel that it is always all words and no actions?

Yes, there may be some obstacles that may be blocking our way to success and in this book, you will find out that something called “habits” can either destroy or build up our life. This book will guide you on how best to manage these habits, both good and bad.

The seven best habits that are highlighted in this book are as such:

1. Be Proactive

 2.Begin with the end in mind

3. Put First Things First

4. Think Win-Win

5. Seek first to understand and to be understood

6. Synergize

7. Sharpen The Saw.

These are the good habits that can you should adopt to help you to get closer to your goals.

After reading this book, I have learnt how to maintain positive habits and fire the negative ones. The author has also provided step-by-step explanations to guide us in improving on our habits. I find that this book is not only suitable for teens, but also useful for parents and guardians in guiding their teenagers.  I would like to share a quote which I like most in the book.

“You can’t make footprints in the sand of time by sitting on your butt, And who wants to leave buttprints in the sand of time?”

Do take time to read this book and fire all your bad habits away now!

Where to find the book?

Location – South

Call Number – BJ 1661 COV 1998




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