Facebook Marketing for DUMMIES by Paul Dunay and Richard Krueger

Have you ever wondered how social media networks can be used not only for fun but also for business purposes? Or perhaps you are looking at how social media networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, can be used for marketing purposes. Or do you just want to know the implementation of viral marketing? If you do think so, then this book is strongly recommended for you.

There are 19 chapters in total, including appendices and tips to aid the readers in understanding the illustrations used. Starting from the basics, such as creating your own Facebook profile and elaboration of viral marketing on Facebook, this book will guide you through the different approaches of viral marketing on Facebook. The book also covers creating market surveys like interviews, questionnaires and using the modified application on the Facebook platform. Another interesting segment shows you how to modify the applications provided in order to meet your marketing goals. You will learn how to create your own applications for business purposes.

With this book, you will be able to discover and be inspired with the usage of Facebook for marketing purposes. So, what are you waiting for? Go to the library and pick up this book today.


Location South.

Call number: HF 5415.1265 DUN 2010.

Written by William.


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