Foundations of Electronics (4th edition) by Russell L. Meade

About the book

Are you confused over some of the concepts on analogue electronics or circuit analysis? Do you have a more effective way to solve the circuit questions?  If you are looking for a book which can help you to better understand circuits, you will have to refer to this book.  Students from DDEE, DBME and DAA should not miss this one.

Basically, there are 21 chapters in this book and it covers from basic concepts of electricity to the RLC circuit analysis. I find that referring to this book helps me to gain a better understanding of each concept, rather than just memorizing the tedious formulas. The formulas and concepts learnt will help us in solving the practical problems in our work.

Personally, I like the layout of this book. Different colours are used to highlight various important points and the solutions provided are clear and simple. Unlike other books with huge paragraphs of words, this book contains a lot of graphs and tables, including various effective summaries.

Here are some useful materials that you can find:

Chapter 5: Parallel Circuit – this chapter shows you the parallel circuit, from the definition to the characteristics of the parallel circuit. There are also details about Kirchhoff’s current law in the parallel condition. You can find a lot of useful tips about the troubleshooting techniques for parallel circuits in this chapter.

Chapter 7: Basic Network Theorem – learn more about Superposition Theorem, Thevenin’s   Theorem and Norton’s Theorem. 

Come to the library and grab this book! It may even help you get a better grade for UT.




Location of this book:

Call Number:  TK7816 MEA 2003

Location:     North

Written by: CHEN CHENG


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