50 Artists You Should Know by Thomas Köster

Have you ever felt tongue-tied when you tried to discuss about some famous paintings that you are not very familiar with? Reading the history of art can be a good way to gain more knowledge on art, but I think you will agree with me that reading the long history can be pretty boring. Therefore, I feel that referring to this book will be a better choice if you want to have a brief idea of what art is all about.

This book offers brief biographies, timelines and other useful information on 50 artists. Starting from the 13th century, this book introduces the paintings of 50 famous artists. You will get to learn more about great artists like Giotto, Jan Van Eyck, Jan Vermeer, William Turner, Monet, and the inspiring stories behind them. This book will be suitable for people who do not have much knowledge on art. Thus, if you follow the timeline, you will have a better understanding on the art history and how these great artists played a crucial role in the art history.


Location – East

Call Number – N 5303 KOS 2006

Written by Wu Jingyun


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