A Textbook of Digital Electronics by R.S. Sedha

Are you all geared up for the upcoming UT 3? Have you started your revision for E105 Digital Electronics? If you are still wondering on how to revise for this module, I would like to recommend one book for you.  I feel that this book will be able to help you strengthen your understanding on digital electronics. So you may even get a better grade for UT 3 if you can digest the contents in this book.

Basically, there are too many chapters in this book. In those 9 chapters of this book, it has covered all the things that we learnt in Semester 1. Go through this book carefully, chapter by chapter, and you will be able to revise all the things that you have studied for this module.

Honestly, I like this book because I found it easy to understand and relevant to my module.   There are a lot of tables and graphs in this book, include basic logic gates to the logic families, and some function tables taken from the specific IC datasheet. The author has also given a very clear explanation for different questions on each topic.  

For example, in Chapter 4, Boolean algebra and Logic Simplification, you will learn how to write Boolean equations in algebra way or K map way, and how to troubleshoot combinational logic circuit (Page120) – which was not covered in the previous UT. The author also makes good use of graphs to illustrate each rule in Algebra and I think this is a good way to help us in remembering those rules. From page 177 to 185, there is a short summary and some questions to test your understanding. Those questions may not come out during UT, but they will definitely aid in understanding each topic better. As the saying goes – “practice makes perfect”, so challenge yourself and try all the questions at the end of each chapter.    

Come to the library to borrow this book, I’m sure you will love it too!


Location of this book:

Call Number:  TK7868.D5 SED 2004

Location:     North

Written by: CHEN CHENG


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