MANUFACTURING PLANNING & CONTROL: For Supply Chain Management (Sixth Edition)

The title of this book is ‘Manufacturing Planning & Control”. For students taking Supply Chain Management and Industrial & Operations Management (DSCM & DIOM), this term might sound familiar and it is related to Inventory Management (IM) module offered in RP.

The book covers most of the topics in IM like Manufacturing Planning and Control (MPC), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Master Production Schedule (MPS), Material Requirements Planning (MRP), and even forecasting. It provides the reader with clear explanations, graphs and easy to understand illustrations. It also covers calculation and step by step guidance for the readers. At the end of each chapter, there are discussion questions and problems for practice.

For students who still do not understand the topics covered in IM, I will highly recommend this book. And for students who have understood but want to know more about IM topics, this book will provide you with in depth and detailed information. So, grab this book to prepare for the upcoming UT(s)!! 


Location : North

Call Number : TS 176 MAN 2011

Written by : Sylvia Utami


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