Basic Chemistry by Karen Timberlake, William Timberlake

Chemistry, being one of the basic science subjects, is essential for the study of other fields, such as Biotechnology, Microbiology, Material and Pharmaceutical Science. Therefore, Chemistry is always a core module for students in the above Diplomas.

This book covers fundamental topics such as measurement, elements and atoms, structure in different phases, energy exchange in chemical reactions, chemical quantities, acids and bases, oxidation and reduction. Moreover, organic chemistry and basic introduction of biochemistry is explained in a more detailed manner as compared to other books.

In addition, this book allows students to learn chemistry that are more applicable in the real world with examples that relate what we have learnt in chemistry to our health, environment and industry. The images provided are not only interesting, but also useful for our understanding of some of the concepts. There are sample questions that demonstrate the application of the learning point. The step-by-step solutions of these questions are given and there are detailed explanation and calculation for each step. These sample questions are served as models to show us what we should do when solving the problems.

In this book, numerous student-friendly approaches are used, making it easier for our learning of Chemistry. There are several methods to help us analyse what we have learnt and how can we achieve more. Learning goals are clearly identified, which helps readers understand the key concept of each section. Concept maps are given to aid students further in their learning. You will also find simple quizzes “popping up” which act as concept checks and problem solving tools to help you see your “weaknesses”. At the end of each chapter there are some questions to guide you to explore more.


ISBN: 978-0-321-68803-3

Location: West

Call Number: QD 31.3 TIM 2011

Written by WU BIKE


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