Chicken soup for the soul : like mother, like daughter : stories about the special bond between mothers and daughters

I found that in Singapore, the relationship between mother and daughter is not as warm and close as I hope to see. . This is because of the life, environment and daily routine of Singapore.

Here is the book which can help you!. There are a lot of series for this Chicken Soup for the Soul. This book reveals the stories about the special bonding between Mothers and daughters. This book helps us to understand more about the love, care and daughters. This book also can be a  guide for living the good life.

This book also shows although mothers can’t stay beside their daughters throughout their lives, the love and cares are always in the mothers’  minds. After I had read this book, I really want to go back to Myanmar and stay beside my mom and take care of my mom.

After reading this book, hope you all can love you mom more and care you mom when she is still alive. So let us not regret our lives !  Where to find?

Location:  Central

Call Number:  810.8092052

Written by: Nan Mwai Noon


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