Impressionism : 50 paintings you should know / Ines Janet Engelmann

I have learnt drawing for more than ten years. However, since I am an amateur art lover, I have no expert knowledge in “art”.

There was one time, my art tutor asked me to copy a master’s work to develop my skills.  It was the first I heard the name—“Cezanne”.  The painting I was asked to copy was called “The Bay of Marseilles”.

“A village, a short distance from Marseilles, lying in the centre of a bay lined with rocks. It is a wonderful area. The cliffs embrace the gulf like two arms an in the distance a chain of islands appears to lock in the horizon”. – The painting was so beautiful that made me what to know more.

That was when I found the book <Impressionism, 50 paintings you should know>. The exquisite paintings in the book took  my breath away and it introduced me to the world of “impressionism”. 

As a third year student in RP, my days are busy. Nevertheless, I still try to squeeze some time to paint, to copy all these masterpieces. The feelings, emotions, and inspirations these paintings bringto me are wonderful.

Pissarro liked using bright colors in landscapes. The construction of his work is clear; the restrained coloration with numerous shaded of green, blue and yellow. You can feel the tranquility and peace from his paintings. 

Monet, whoindulged   his paintings “water lilies”, had a good taste of nature. He seldom painted portraits. Most of his works were landscapes. He painted trees, flowers, cliffs and even light. The depiction of light, it really existed in his paintings. That’s why no matter how abstract his paintings are, you can feel the life inside.

I have to say that impressionism is my favorite art style. I can name some of my most beloved impressionists here, such as “Renoir”, “Morisot”, and “Sisley” and so on. However, different people perceive differently from the same paintings. Read this book and you may find out which impressionism painting you love most.


Where to find the book?
Call Number: ND457.5.I55 ENG 2007
Location: East

Written by Zheng jieyun (85148)


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