Lonely Planet: Southeast Asia on a shoestring

Lonely Planet, like your passport, should always be kept close.

For travellers, to be specific, backpackers, the Lonely Planet series has been like the bible for them. One of the reasons I like this book series is that it’s not just like the normal travel journey written in the internet blogs. The book layout is  well organised by dedicated experts who have  historical and cultural knowledge about the country that they visit. Another important reason I like them is because they don’t just teach you how to travel but travel on a low budget. Guess this is why it has been famous for 35 years.

For people who live  in Singapore, Southeast Asia is the best choice for you if you want a short holiday. Open the first page of the book and there’s a full colour printed map of Southeast Asia and the countries it covered are highlighted in different colours.

The book is organised  like a dictionary. For example, Malaysia, there are some basic and general introductions such as current events, history, the culture, religion, environment and transportations at first. This is followed by the different cities introductions in details and the most important things, eating, sleeping, shopping and sightseeing are well highlighted.

Why don’t you try this book and travel around your “neighbourhood” with a  small budget to fulfil your experience about this planet earth !


Where to find: Central area
Call number: 915.904 SEA

Written by Liu Qinyi


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