Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella

It is the FYP period now and every year 3 student is busy with the project preparation. Same goes for me. Now what can we do to relax after the FYP presentation? Reading on a good book sounds like a good choice to me!

Here, I would like to recommend a book titled “Remember Me”. This is taken from the Choice reads section at our RP Library. This book is written by Sophie Kinsella, author of the bestselling Shopaholic series.

Remember Me is a story about a woman who’s suffering from amnesia and her quest to get back her memory in order to save her marriage and career.  The lead character, Lexi, could only remember that she is a twenty-five year old struggling assistant manager in a flooring company. In actual fact, she is already twenty-eight, married to a drop-dead gorgeous millionaire husband and also the boss of a big company.

Remember Me is a hilarious and entertaining story. The characters are well-described. From the book, you will learn how losing one’s memory for a mere three years can cause a big change in the lead character’s personality.  So, why wait? Fans of Chic lit should actually pick it up as soon as possible. But just remember to finish your FYPs or tasks on hand before chilling out with Remember Me.


Where to find it

Location: Central

Call Number: KIN

Written by Lee Cheng Shu



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