Principles of Marketing by Kotler Armstrong

This book is one of the textbooks that students would refer to when they are taking the module on marketing. It covers all the fundamentals on marketing – customer relationship, segmentation, buying behavior, and much more. Besides the essential marketing theories that you need to know, this book also includes many business cases, which will help to deepen your understanding on the key concepts.

Besides the comprehensive coverage in this book, there is another reason on why I would recommend this book to you. Both authors are experts in the field of marketing – Kotler is one of the world`s leading authorities on marketing while Professor Armstrong is an award-winning teacher for undergraduate business students. Together, they make the complex world of marketing practical, approachable, and enjoyable in this book.

When I was taking marketing last semester, I borrowed this book very often. I feel that it has helped me in understanding the subject a lot better. This book is also highly recommended by some facilitators. After reading it, you will find that learning about marketing can be fun and easier. This book is sold at around $70 at the bookstores. Since it is available at the library, you can borrow it for free anytime. So grab it before someone else does!



Location: South

Call number: HF 5415 KOT 2004


Written by:  Qianhua


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