Photo-Poem Submission


Entry 1: By Soo Xin Yu Regina


Indian, Malay, Chinese, Eurasian

Singapore brought us together

We love, care, and show concern for each other

We fight together to win

We learn and understand all cultures

No racism but hand in hand

Together, we celebrate

Racial Harmony Day


Entry 2: By Nurfadhilah Nasir


Happy faces of different races

Coming together from different places

Though we are of different races with different faces

We never fail to celebrate this special day as one family,

Regardless of race,

language or religion

Happy racial harmony!



Entry 3: By Lim Wai Kit

One nation , one vision , one Singapore

We share the joy

and we share the pain

We live together

and we love each other

We stand together in a team

and we fight together as a team

Nothing different between us

as we are human being

Happy racial harmony!



Entry 4: By Yeo Sock Yuan Serene

Racial Harmony , Racial Harmony,

It’s the time again to unite as one.

Every race, Every religion,

Let’s hold our hands together,

Because we are interlinked!



Entry 5: By Kwok Yi Hang

Chinese, Indian, Malay, Eurasian

Nothing matter what the race in them

we are all of different race in the world

where Helping one another when there you and me

Making friends is the key in it

To become a racial harmony where we can hand in hand



Entry 6: By Marshall Ang Bin Wei

In a multi racial society

We learn the meaning of harmony

Though we are born from different wombs

The ideals are still in tune.


Try as we may

There will still be quarrels


Try as we may

There will still be pressure


But what we have learnt

Is that skin is nothing

All that we yearn

Is for peace and equality

Our skin may be different

But our blood runs the same

I’d rather be colour blind

Then judge my friends.



Entry 7: By Nur Fatin Bte Razak

Despite the race,

Despite the culture,

Despite the language,

She has been able to understand me in ways no one else could.

Five years and still counting, my best friend.

I love you despite all the differences because we’re all actually the same.

Happy Racial Harmony.



Entry 8: By Emily Tan

Chinese, Indian, Malay, Eurasian

People unite towards one right

Keep our harmonious bonds tight

Maintaining a harmonious life


Regardless of religion or race

They can live in the same place

Making friends is the key

To becoming a racial harmony community


As long as we understand each other’s culture

As long as we stand hand in hand

Racial Harmony will be in our land

Together we celebrate as one,

Happy Racial Harmony Day!



Entry 9: By Vimal Kumar

Together we stand as one,

Divided we stand alone.

Friends we have, of all races,

Much knowledge is gained from every individual.


Friends we have of one same community,

Little is there to be known.

Love, care and concern are the same.

Yet, it’s different when someone of a different race gives it to u.


Though blood is thicker than water,

We all share the same coloured blood.

One Life. One Nation.

Together we live as true Singaporeans.



Entry 10: By Malathi D/O Thiagarajan

People are many,

Yet Nation is One.

Fun filled Country,

Gained mainly in schools.


Races are four,

Yet, Strive is One.

Eager to excel,

Yet, never alone.


Friends of different races are needed,

For knowledge, fun and many more.

Harmony is gained,

Only when every raced individual is One.



Entry 11: By Koh Renbin

Racial Harmony Day

Together we make no difference

We share the joy and we care for each another

Live together and fight together as to build our nation strong

There’s no boundary between us either Malay, Chinese, Eurasian, Indians

as we are all under the same nation so love each another

and stand together as one nation

Happy Racial Harmony Day! Hooray!!



Entry 12: By Ong Bao Wen

Our country, our Singapore flags proudly waving high.

Our army strong protect our children.

Students in class are learning.

We are holding hands in peace.

So, may our country’s flag wave us on, knowing our country is the very best.



Entry 13: By Marissa Claire Chong Jia Ling

Races of every type

All of us, shall unite

I’ve got your back & you’ve got mine

I’ll help you out, ANYTIME !

Hand in hand, love is sent,

Until the very end

So on this day, let’s celebrate each other

And be thankful for everything that we’ve got




Entry 14: By Muhammad Shahril Bin Senin

Strangers when we met.

Encounter each other under one roof

Became a clique to preserve the friendship we shared

Despite our different heritage,

We shared common likes and beliefs

Together we are coming as one

To celebrate Racial Harmony Day



Entry 15: By Kamarulzaman B Mohamed Sapiee

One Love.


We have,

One voice, one choice to stay together,

Maria Hertogh can’t break us,

it made us stronger,

it made us wiser


We have,

To be there for one another,

regardless of the colour of our skin,

we need to be together to win,

we need to be together to win.


We will,

Stay united as one,

set aside our differences,

work together to achieve our goals,

work together to achieve gold.


We will,

be the heroes of our generation,

united as one with no intimidation,

this is our nation,

all we need is one love.

all we need is one love.



Entry 16: By Siow Yu Lin Julin

Coming together as one

To learn, respect and accept

Each others race, culture and religion

Building on a rich diversity of the different heritage

Appreciating different traditional food

The deep bond we all shared

Although our race, culture and religion may be different

But we are still friends forever

The racial strength which kept us as one

No matter what it may be, we will embrace the challenges together



Entry 17: By Lee Wing Chuan

We live with many races,

But we don’t race against each other.

There are Chinese and Malay,

Indian and Eurasian.


And Now there are Bangladeshi.

We live together peacefully,

And not cut each other into pieces.

We should treat everyone fairly,

And let’s not compare who’s fairer.


We need one another,

Just like bees and honey

Only then, it’s the true racial harmony.


Entry 18: By Leung Wen Shi Rachel

Do colors really matter?

Can conflicts make things better?

Share your love for one another.

You’ll be amazed by the power.

Of the world united forever.


Entry 19: By Nashrudin B Kamarudin

‘What better bounty can there be other than a friendship between 2 races?

No distinctions made

Respect lies deep down their hearts, a peaceful bond

Back in the past, there were racial riots

With mutual understanding, every soul rebel not, but with affection for the other

A smile reflects another smile

Humans were molded to be role models

Racial ethics, mutual tolerance and loving for the other

Those are the keys

With hands, side by side, bloom the Unity between races’


Entry 20: By Wan Muhammad Norhakim

Born in a multi-cultured country

We learn from one another

The times that we needed help

Regardless of race, we reached our hands and gave assistance

Not wanting anything back in return

We just smile with contentment of peace in our heart

To whatever we believe in

At the end of it all, we are still the same

In wherever we may be living now

Racial harmony bonds us together as one



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