Contracts in a nutshell by Robert Duxbury

I am sure that all of us signed a contract when we entered into an organization or a company. However, have you ever noticed what are the terms and conditions involved in a contract? Do you know what the elements in a contract are and how important they are? Would you like to have a general idea of the basic principles of law and how they could be applied to our lives? For students who are taking the B205 Business Law module, do you have difficulties reviewing a lot of cases? Would you like to have a summary of contract law concepts? Is it very difficult for you to differentiate between “Misrepresentation” and “Mistake”?

Here is a good book for you! “Contracts in a nutshell” (aka Contract law) by Robert Duxbury. The book provides a summary of legal concepts – providing concepts in a nutshell! In addition, the book does provide too many cases which might confuse but rather highlights a few key cases to emphasize a particular concept or statue.  After reading this book, you will understand more about the principles and laws behind contracts. As real life examples are provided, understanding is enhanced. Sample questions and model answers are also provided to enforce your understanding.

In my opinion, the book is very useful even for students not taking business law.  This is because you find out that law is applied not only in business but also in our everyday activities like buying sweets from 7-Eleven. You’ll become aware of what the consequences of misrepresentation and what other legal issues are. Grab the book now!

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