Essential JavaFX by Gail Anderson and Paul Anderson

Are you developing an application using JavaFX for your FYP or do you want to learn a new programming language? Let me introduce to you this book, “Essential JavaFX”, written by Gail Anderson and Paul Anderson. In this book, the authors have covered the basics of JavaFX and even about the IDE that you should use.

First, you’ll be introduced to how to write a very simple program using JavaFX. It explains everything that you need to know about how to write JavaFX scripts starting from the fundamentals. When we write JavaFX scripts, the most important topics that we should know are like binding, event handling, animation and using UI components effectively. This book covers these areas in detail. Some Java concepts like classes and objects, inheritance, comparison and looping like “while” and “for” loops are covered as well.

In each chapter, a lot of examples with sample outputs and codes are provided. So we can try out the sample programs.

I think this book will be suitable for year-3 students who need to use JavaFX for their FYP.

Call No: QA 76.73.J38 AND 2009

Where to Find: East Area (Near the IP Helpdesk)

Written by

Shwe Yee Phyo


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