Data and Computer Communications (7th Edition) by William Stallings

For those who are keen to explore the topic of data communications as well as those doing Data Communications module, I am sure that you all need to read up on a lot of theories and concepts. Organized notes and practice questions in this area would be very helpful. Are you looking for them? Here they are.

The seventh edition of “Data and Computer Communications” provides an organized overview of the broad field of data communications. It attempts to break this wide subject into comprehensible parts. It introduces five parts, namely, Overview, Data Communications, Wide Area Networks, Local Area Networks and Networking Protocols.

Each part defines precisely what is supposed to be achieved at the end of the section. Besides practice questions and recommended further reading are provided as well. What I like about this book is that it breaks the different broad concepts into smaller ones and gives me the opportunity to try out the questions on my own.

For example, in section 1, chapter 6, readers are introduced to asynchronous and synchronous transmission, types of errors, error detection, error correction and so on and so forth. At the end of the chapter, it provides different types of problems for solving and this surely promotes my understanding. I am sure that this book would be a great help to you as well if you are pursuing information on data and computer communications. 


Where to find it?

Call Number – TK 5105 STA 2004

Location – North library

 Reviewed by Htun Linn Aung


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