Microbiology by I. Edward Alcamo

Microbiology UT 1 has been still reverberating in the mind but UT2 is approaching. Have you prepared for the coming Understanding Test?

I have found that  Schaum’s Outline of Microbiology is a very useful book to help us reduce  our stress since it supplies lots of summaries  as well as questions-answers type of approach. Instead of paragraph after paragraph of interminable information,  Schaum’s Outline of Microbiology  presents  microbiological knowledge in small  bytes which can be learnt  piece by piece and it also poses the theories and problems in a very logical  manner.  It builds the knowledge on what we had previously learnt One of the advantages of the learning style the book gave me was  I could  stop at any time and take a breather. Each theory-problem-answer is a self-contained unit presented briefly and succinctly.  I didn’t  need to read page after page to get the concepts. I took  the problems one-by-one at my  own pace.  I soon found that I could easily frame the topics, concepts in my own head.

It’s time  to prepare for UT2 ! What’s more, there are 60 review questions of various types in each chapter which can help us measure our progress. All the answers are included in the back of the book for our reference.

In the end, best wishes  to you all in your studies!



Call number: QR 62 ALC 1998

Location: West

Written by WANGLINA


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